Blue Paisley Peyote Cuff

Blue Paisley p.jpg
Blue Paisley p.jpg

Blue Paisley Peyote Cuff


Please note: I have NOT made up this pattern. Colors have been chosen, but most certainly can be changed out. Please feel free to change the colors to suit you own palette and discerning eye. Please click on image to open in full mode, so you can see the entire length.

If you happen to have BeadTool4, I will gladly email the ​BeadTool Pattern (.btp) file to change out the colors or enlarge the graph. Inquire at: Subject: BTP File

This listing is for the graph only.

​18 Colors/Delica 11/0

1.8"W x 7"L (Length adjustable, add solid rows to extend, leave off rows to shorten)

My patterns may be made to sell, but credit need be given! This design MAY NOT be taught or reprinted in any way.

Prints out on 6 pages.

Please make sure to get your download on the 'Order Confirmation' page.  

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