Kaira - New DIY Design

by Christina Neit

I have been busy, as usual. I have a new design available right now called Kaira. It is a piece woven up with the gorgeous Czech 2 hole Tile Beads and Super Duos. You can click on the image to take you to the pattern. It is also available in my Etsy shop:


Don't forget though, I have digital download on this website, so you can receive it instantly. I don't take PayPal on here, but if you have the PayPal debit card, that works here with all major credit cards.

Week of Learning

by Christina Neit

Dave and I have been having trouble getting to my dot com. I keep getting 404 errors and 'This site is under construction'. After spending about half an hour in Support, chatting, it has come to my attention that by clearing my Browser cookies and the history of the old dot com, everything is back in sync. So, if any of you are having trouble getting to my dot com, clear your cookies out, restart your computer and there it is. It is healthy for your computer as well to do this from time to time.

I have truly learned much this week. I am always grateful for an opportunity to learn. So, I have become a bit more 'geeky' this week and I, for one, am loving it! After all, knowledge is power..right? LOL

Adding More Content

by Christina Neit

As of last night, I was able to stop and finish a project. YAY!!

Today, I started adding Peyote Cuff patterns and have LOTS to add. I am including the bead size, length, width and an option that if you own Bead Tool 4, I will gladly send you the .btp file to change the colors to your liking. I have lots to add, this make take weeks in between actual bead work and deadlines I have to meet. The loom pattern will be coming as soon as I can as well.

I have been asked about the LIVE Online Classes as well. I will probably set the page up today and list to purchase tomorrow.

Going as fast as I can :)

Working It

by Christina Neit

After several days of uploading and listing, I am at a point where I am going to get back to some beading. I have listed a nice bulk of my items and have done some pricing adjustments and have taken many prices down. So poke around, you may see something that you have wanted that is lower in price now.

I am still anxiously awaiting the goodquillhunting.com to sync up with squarespace. It should happen today. They said up to 48 hours and this morning will be 48 hours. Crossing my fingers!

Enjoy the new shopping experience! I still have all the peyote and loom cuffs to list and many more pieces in my inventory to photograph and list. So keep coming back :) Off to the bead table! I should have a new listing later today in Neckware.

One of my favorite photos of Chauncy watching me bead

One of my favorite photos of Chauncy watching me bead

New Year, New Layout

by Christina Neit

I can't even begin to say how happy I am about switching websites. this is everything I have ever dreamed about my website! Please bear with me while I go through the changes. You can trust, I will be going as quick as possible and work too. No sleep in sight right now :)  

I will be keeping my regular blog. This site will transfer 20 pages of it from Wordpress, but since Sept 2007, I think I have more than 20 pages. LOL

I love that this site will offer my customers instant download of all my patterns! There will be a link at checkout for you to get that right away, I believe you will also be getting an "Order Confirmation' email with the link included. The link is good for 24 hours, so please make sure you grab it right away! 

Having this site will free my up greatly for any regular website maintenance I was doing before. So I should be even more productive ..win, win! 

Anyway, you all have a great day and thank you so much for all of your support!! 

For any purchases while you wait: please go here: